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Our Mobile Patrol

Our mobile personnel are easily spotted with our Creequin branded vehicles. We respond to day and night calls. We are readily available for any situation or service.

What we offer in response

Cost effective
Safe and secure patrols

Mobile Patrol

Creequin uses extensive training to reassure you that your property and business are safe and secure. Mobile Patrol is a cost effect and an efficient method of protecting your business the right way.

We offer additional services that bundle together in keeping the safety of your business in the hands of Creequin!

Real-time daily reports

Our simple procedure for receiving an alarm call allows a direct exchange between our patroller and the central alarm or an operator of the city's central surveillance once the call is routed to our patroller through our dispatch center. Indeed, it is often easier for the patroller to explain his observations himself, and this method greatly facilitates the exchange of information.

Once the call is closed, the patroller then transmits his observations to our dispatcher, who in turn completes a computer register. During each alarm investigation or preventive visit, the patrol officer draws up an "alarm or visit report," which is accessible in real-time. Indeed, we have developed in-house ultra-efficient and very effective software.

Our CAD Inspector allows patrollers to record arrival and departure times and the ability to attach photos and videos. The use of a tablet or smartphone also allows live broadcasting, allowing patrollers to share their observations with colleagues or dispatcher.
Creequin may either print, export or carry out specific research by an establishment or by date of intervention during the consultation of its reports.

In uniform and specially trained for any variety of surveillance, our experienced officers patrol the sites and establishments behind the wheel of clean and duly identified security vehicles. They can quickly detect and repel intruders, deter internal theft, prevent vandalism and theft very efficiently, and respond quickly to fire risks and alerts.

Once the external verification has been carried out and everything seems safe, our patrol officers will be able to enter the establishment, at the client's request, and properly handle the alarm panel to secure the troubled area.