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Creequin is a turnkey company that offers a range of professional security services such as patrol and alarms response, security guards services, VIP, investigation and pre-employment verification, loss prevention and technological services.

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Creequin's number one priority is safety. We are diligent and ensure that we can keep our client's people and assets safe.


Our officers are one click away from answering a stress alert. You can count on Creequin for a response.


Security is a testament to who we are as a company. We began in the security industry.

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Founded a few months ago by experts with over 70 years of expertise in public and private security, Creequin is proud to be able to continue to offer you diversified services while continuing to maintain a performance that meets our clients' expectations.

Creequin has a very efficient and effective fleet made up of more than 25 patrol cars. Any request from Creequin will be analyzed and answered quickly and efficiently due to our dispatch service, located in Laval, in operation 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

All our vehicles are equipped with cutting edge equipment such as:

  • Radio Transmitters
  • Laptops
  • Internet
  • Beacons

Creequin carefully analyzes and studies our client's needs considering their requirements. We always provide personalized and professional security solutions, and we will offer you solutions that exceed your expectations!